Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tagged Thinking!

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I was tagged! As a Thinking Blogger! A surprise from dear Miss Frugality, one of my favorite artists going. I'm rather pleased if a bit puzzled! I say it makes me feel..lofty!! so it is my turn to choose 5 blogs that make me think. I love to go back and see other peoples choices, its a great way to find new blogs!

1. My dear Ms. Jane's super famous blog started out just like all the rest, all by herself 2 years ago writing her thoughts. See how she's grown! Firedoglake.

2. Santos at the scent of green bananas, who never disappoints in making me hungry and gets me thinking about what to eat next!

3. Petula Darling who is currently galavanting around Europe! and blogging at the same time!

4. Megan, at the scent of water who is a constant inspiration! Pictures and prose in harmony.

5.Susannah, at ink on my fingers, who has a gift for words and always gets me thinking.

So go have a visit, I'm off to Montreal!


firedoglake said...

Pam is visiting this week and she made your Kale salad today. It was wonderful as always. Hope you and Sophie have a wonderful time in Montreal.


Susannah said...

hello! thank you so much for the nomination - i'm glad to have found you at last :-)

Mary Jane said...

Jane and Pam! I'm glad you're together. Montreal was quick, but fun. We have a French Sophie with us this weekend. We fed her lobster!
Susannah! Welcome. Your pictures and prose are always such an inspiration.

Santos said...

goodness, i'm glad my blog makes you think of good things. when i read it i think of the size of my thighs....think on!