Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Favorite

I have a new favorite photography website, lens culture which introduced me to the work of Ingar Krauss. I wish I could invest in this portrait. I love it. I love her. I love her outfit. What about her shoes? I love her shoes and feet. Those little squared toes lined up.

Wait to you see lens culture's book selection....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fuchsia Macaroons

Time for a cookie break. I fulfilled a deadline, knitting for nearly 72 hours felt good to get out and walk around the sunny city of MontrĂ©al....we had the $10 dinner at in every dish...all the back issues of Martha Stewart–from the start, and, a favorite book " The Family of Man".

and least I forget...a sweetheart of a dog!

Eyes like my Mom's

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Escaped Swatch

Felt, originally uploaded by maryjanemidgemink.

Escaped into the wash.

Creative Director Kate and I were trying to move into the Blue and Brown territory. I really didn't have enough of those colors in my arsenal, so I headed bravely toward Brown and Green.

At last, happy and satisfied with my color choices, the crafty swatch escaped into the wash, and felted. Felted nicely I must say, not too thick, sturdily flexible, remember that about Sunday Knits Yarns. I needed one more swatch which found me still working with color placement, I went with the bottom top, just below the double-espresso break...Hmmm I could use a double espresso break right about now. Cheers!

Luke's Diced Vest

Monday, March 23, 2009

Koo koo Banana Head Swatch

I mixed it all up, grabbing colors I hadn't tried....

Friday, March 20, 2009


The continuing saga of "Luke's Diced Vest...In Swatchland"

I hate it when blogger won't format things properly. Apologies.
I swatched and swatched.

I really liked the pumpkiny part so I made the one below....

I loved this swatch, you can't see it well in the picture but it has a lovely halo of fuzz, due to Sunday Knits Yarns Angelic which has a  smidge of angora in it. 
 Kate wanted me to try one less stripey... It really isn't stripey in real life, however, since most people will only see it on the screen, and understanding the perils of magazine photography, I forged ahead... I just started grabbing yarn and going for it.

Lordy, I got more stripey...
to be continued...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Luke's Diced Vest – Backstory

These images started it all for me. I love this picture. It's from   Traditional Fair Isle Kntting by Sheila McGregor, an oldie but goodie. For some reason I've always thought that Magnie was her cousin. I like to study the background of vintage knitting pictures, who is wearing that houndstooth blazer? The sister who knit Magnie the vest? Does Magnie play the piano?

When the call for Spring Twist went out, one request was a man's garment, one you'd like to knit, and one a man you know would actually wear.  Hmmm. My husband shys away from fair isle, his style leans toward the Amish,  which is good, and I understand.  But I really wanted to knit a diced vest...So Luke Randall! Of course. Luke is unafraid to wear pink. Luke is a snappy dresser. So we made a deal, I make a vest and trade it for a painting. 
Next comes the yarn choices...Kate Gilbert suggested Sunday Knits Yarns and we discussed a few colors, esspresso agreed to be one of the major colors. Carol, the color and fiber wizard behind Sunday Knits Yarns sent me the color card....I chose a few, mussed about a few more and Carol, the dear sent me lots. 
   But look what happened! I went wild with the reds...I think that Luke would wear this combination, I know I would wear it...but would readers dismiss it and declare it not manly enough...I started going for a bit of dark at the some suggestions from Kate...and went back to swatching....
   The colors I used for this larger motif roughly translate to the pattern as:
rnd 14: curry •  chestnut
rnd 13: curry • chestnut
rnd 12: pumpkin • raisin
rnd 11: pumpkin • raisin
rnd 10: tomato • espresso
rnd 9: tomato • espresso
rnd 8: melon/berry • iris/pickle ( either or!)

Oh, Luke has a new website that isn't quite up yet, I'll keep you posted. Can't wait for the trade.

Friday, March 06, 2009


It's true... Luke's Diced Vest....not for my husband....

Monday, March 02, 2009


Spring Twist is up!

And in it you'll find something I made for my favorite painter Luke.

He has been waiting patiently.

There are loads of irresistible sweaters to knit,  inventive toys,  way cool baby blankets, socks and scarves; it's humbling to be included with this bunch of designers. As usual this issue includes wonderful articles. I confess a weakness for scholarly ones and find Kate Davies delightful article on Jane Gaugain, adding to my already severe longing to visit Scotland.....someday.....!

Happy Birthday SOSO!!!!!!