Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What I did on Easter


Just a tease! Beautiful color! Saffron? Dandelion? It is called Saturne! And it is that mitten I was longing for, cabled a bit. Wait and see.

malabringayellow yarn

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tam Class Saturday!

A finished tam! and I'll show you how to go about it! I'm teaching a class during Unique One's Knitting Weekend in Camden Maine! Beth, the wonderful owner has a lively weekend planned. It's always great fun with lots of time to knit and wander the village and visit her shop. I know I didn't give much warning....but there's still room! Click for details!

And you remember how cute the shop is don't you?

Red Light
How can you resist?

Friday, March 21, 2008


This is what the first day of Spring looked like around these parts. Thank goodness this week's color combination at color+color is orange+white. All the looking for it cheered the otherwise gloomy, chilly day. See what I found?

My favorite Kri Kri bowl. Maybe you remember it in blue?
I think it is time to knit those sunshiny yellow mittens I've been dreaming of.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time Wasters

I haven't had the time to waste lately, but reading my company email will often take me places where I dare not tarry least the whole day get sucked in to the time warp vacuum. Today I offer you an old favorite, the vocabulary game that also distributes rice through the UN world Food Program: FREE Rice.

My new favorite (which also allows me to use 2 words with double u's in this post) is: Continuum of Cute.
It is Nina Katchardourian's contribution to Montage: Unmonumental Online. Montage is the final exhibition in Unmonumental: the Object in the 21st Century, featured at The New Museum,
and through Rizome their offshoot...or rootstock. Continuum of Cute is deadly addictive so make sure you've got some time and a pot of tea.

Finally, I leave you with something that is not a waste of time by any stretch: Karen Magazine.
Get your copy of issue 3 today and spend hours enjoying the simplicity of interesting design with poetic and plain composition. Chronicling the everyday and making the mundane fresh. Be sure and follow her links (here is where the time-wasting enters, you'll be captivated) to The Bexhill on Sea hen weekend, and download Karen's mini magazine of that event.

8 links! Time's a wasting!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friday, March 07, 2008

For Fun

Though the week seemed mostly about getting well and trying to function with the still-fogged head, a surprising amount of things were accomplished. Foremost among them was getting a new item off to Knitscene. I set the worst example for my kids when it comes to deadlines, always working at the 11th hour no matter what...everything will be ready and I'll get sick and out of commission and you'll find me dragging my sickness-filled-husk to the Post Office shelling out extra beans for overnight shipping. Oh well. Know thyself. Know thy will be thwarted when one tries to outsmart thyself.

I also got lots of swell goodies in the mail. I've been on a photograph-collecting binge. Blame it on Megan and her photo swap. I got some gems here and here.

I'm happy to be knitting for fun again. Really the best kind of knitting don't you think?

And how about my sweet hedgehog bag? A treat from Amber's shop.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Montreal for a Millisecond

so so

I travel quite a bit to Montréal, zooming 5.5 hours across Quebec and Maine. I rarely get to stay very long, usually just overnight. I've tried several times to visit yarn shops or this time a crafty little shop but I am always thwarted! Atelier Woodenapples was closed unexpectedly, but I did get a nice shot of the tired Birthday Girl with her new Mohair and Alpaca Instant Mittens. I also made her some Llama and Wool ones out of a variegated yarn. I always like variegated yarn in the hank so much better than the finished knitting....which always looks so kindergarten to me. In any case they were fast and will be warm. Need to be, still TONS of snow! Crazy parking in Montréal too, you just back up into a snowbank and call it good!

blur mittvariegated Montera