Friday, March 21, 2008


This is what the first day of Spring looked like around these parts. Thank goodness this week's color combination at color+color is orange+white. All the looking for it cheered the otherwise gloomy, chilly day. See what I found?

My favorite Kri Kri bowl. Maybe you remember it in blue?
I think it is time to knit those sunshiny yellow mittens I've been dreaming of.


Miss Frugality said...

All that orange and white is enough to put a spring in your step - lovely!
I spoke too soon when I announced it was Spring in these parts .We've has gales,hailstones and snow over the past couple of days.

Christabel said...

Yay! Yellow mittens would be awesome.
I'm itching for a different weather-change in these parts: I've started making bright orange red-lentil soup instead!

Kri Kri said...

Nigel saw it first! I love the close up! It lets me see Kri kri fresh!