Friday, March 27, 2009

Fuchsia Macaroons

Time for a cookie break. I fulfilled a deadline, knitting for nearly 72 hours felt good to get out and walk around the sunny city of MontrĂ©al....we had the $10 dinner at in every dish...all the back issues of Martha Stewart–from the start, and, a favorite book " The Family of Man".

and least I forget...a sweetheart of a dog!

Eyes like my Mom's


Gudrun Johnston said...

er....sounds like you totally deserved those cookies!

kat coyle said...

i love these photos! i hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Prunila said...

Oh! I always enjoy your blog! love the wrislets too, any pattern arround for them?
Have a great weekend! I wonder if the snow has melted, here we have a bad rainy weekend, LOL!
my flowers are so happy...

Mary Jane said...

Thanks you guys, you of all people understand!!!
The mitts in the foreground are Frill in a homespun and without any contrast, and the set in the back are still "under construction" but nearly done.