Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Weeks Board

There's a lot of buzz going around these days in the knitting community about "inspiration boards" thanks to my neighbor, the talented Michelle Rose Orne. In her cozy book, Inspired to Knit, she explains her working method and details how to create your own board.

I've always worked this way, hoarding scraps and tear-sheets and bits of fabrics, string and canned food labels. In my earliest days I decoupaged collage on my doll-house walls, changing the look to suit my mood or the dolls latest story-lines. Later in college the board once occupied whole a wall in my apartment, in fact my son's room now looks like a giant inspiration board.

These days, I've got a couple of boards. One in my hidy-hole studio and another where I hone things down, every couple of weeks and the bulletin board travels around the house with me as I swatch at opportune moments, outside in the sun, in front of a Japanese Movie ( a little hard to follow color charts and read subtitles but never mind) or beside the bed to greet me in the morning.

The board pictured above is a little more fashion heavy than usual, no worries, the content constantly changes. You can see that I'm back on a geometric argyle-ish mood that popped up again when The Nederland Vest was published. Stay tuned for what's come of it!

By the way, my hand is healing nicely, though it took much longer than I imagined. Now I have to massage it to break up the scar tissue, hurts but it's necessary.


Eliza said...

oh! I love the green flowers!!
I am also a fan of these boards. I do them for my set designs, though they're not as organized as yours is!

Daphne said...

Funny, I just realized that I was tearing out stuff for an inspiration board all along and didn't realize it. I mean, I did have a Wall of Bad Marketing for a while, but that was different and it was a cubicle wall. I do need an actual board, now.

magnusmog said...

I have a memory board where I write down imortant things.

And you know what - I never remember to look at it !

Anonymous said...

That's what I need, an inspiration board. Yours looks really great!

kat coyle said...

It's a treat to see your inspiration board. I love all the color and the cool shapes. I'm glad to hear that your hand is healing.

Going Green said...

Thanks for inspiring me again and again. E.R.

=Tamar said...

Plain hand cream might help soften the scar tissue.

Mary Jane said...

hi everyone, i just love to read your comments, makes me happy! thanks for the hand cream tip =tamar