Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Time Has Come

knit gas station

cozy bus
It's that time again.... procrastination time... I really want to knit a bus cosy. Right now. No time to waste. Or at least a telephone pole cozy. I know just the one I want to hit first. I think we need to start a Yarnbombing crew, right here in Midcoast Maine. Sign up now!

For inspiration:

International Fiber Collective's Knitted Gas Station
Deputy Dog has a post I can't match.
For the nature oriented Knitted Landscape
Their friends the label-makers Knitwit
Lauren Marsden who knits street signs

The Godmothers of it all: Knitta Please

Yarnbombing Documents it all.

Update: Watch Magda Sayeg sew the final bit of the Bus Cosy in Mexico City HERE


Poethead said...

Fun! People are so creative, aren't they? Thanks for the links.

magnusmog said...

hmmm, maybe I should leave a little bit of me in Oakland.........

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Thanks for this, you totally made my day!

Anonymous said...

i was just left completely stoked that there are so many wonderful artistic people out there that do this
I love that so much
i'm kind of motivated to want to start knitting mushrooms and just leaving them everywhere

Mary Jane said...

I'm doing it!

laurie said...

I've been thinking the same thing! So count me in... when and where do we get started?

Astrig said...

I'll help you knit a bus cosy...what else does one have to do in Midcoast Maine during the winter?

Hey...want to meet for breakfast next week?

Julie H. Rose said...

I'm having an argument over here about the size of the fiber on that bus. It doesn't look that outsized to me! Links don't mention it.

What would we cover, here in Midcoast Maine? We should have covered some of those bears, when they were around. . .well, count me in. The winter is long.

Mary Jane said...

I think a lot of it is just regular old worsted...not super huge yarn.I know the gas station was made by random contributors with their own random yarn. You can watch her sew it on here: