Monday, August 03, 2009

Save the Date!

That's Saturday. After the Maine Boats Homes and Harbor's show, in Rockland at The Strand.

Lobster Queens and locals...even my plumber friend who supplies me with hoola hoop parts

I've got twins to show my outfits

With pointed hats natch


Double fun!

Penobscot Marine Museum for more info.


Eliza said...

we'll be driving up that day, and will probably crash when we get there. I am sorry to miss it!

Mary Jane said...

But call when you're settled in, and we can knit OK?

Barbara O'Connor said...

I wish I were in Maine right now-love Camden,Rockland,Rockport(we t to Maine School years ago-
Where do I find this magazine-or is it a book-
I live in Chicago
love your blog

Mary Jane said...

Hi Barbara, if you mean the St. Denis Magazine, it should be available where ever Classic Elite Yarns are sold, as they are the distributor in the US for Veronik's yarn. You can also keep checking the St. Denis website, they should eventually have a list of shops. I'll post a link if I ever find a list. Thanks for visiting and the kind words,

magnusmog said...

What fun - Happy twinning!