Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Invasion of the Thingies

With an almost eerie nonchalance, the thingies creep into the most innocent of projects: a baby cap. Alien thingies firmly sprout from the top. How does it happen? When does it happen? Most of all, why does it happen? My guess is it suits the recipient or in this case, his parents, who are, most definitely thingy people, (and I mean that in a good way) ... so when you're not really paying attention... there they are, on top.

Baby Thingy Cap

I used 1 ball of Samoa, from GGH, 50%cotton, 50% microfiber: 104 yds/50g, I think the color is 56 but I lost the ball band...Cambridge blue. It's a nice and springy yarn, but tends to show every pause in your knitting, don't sweat it, it'll even out with blocking and wearing.
Size: infant/toddler, 16" circumference.
Gauge: 16sts and 14 rows= 4"
Needles: 16" size 4 and 5 circular needles, 1 set size 5 double pointed needles and if you’re fussy 1 set smaller dp needles, say 4 or 3 for the thingies.
Notions: stitch markers, tapestry needle

With size 4 circular needles cast on 64 sts. Join w/o twisting. K in Pearl Stitch (Row 1:k1, p1; Row 2: p1, k1) for about and inch, 5 or 6 rows. Increase row; with size 5 needle, k, increasing 6 sts evenly around (70 sts). Continue in stockinet st (k every row) for about 3.25 inches. Set up for double decreases: * k13 Place Marker (PM) k1, PM*, repeat between *'s 4 more times. This marks off the stitches that you will be making double decreases on either side of, for a nice 5 pointed star top (reminding me of Dr.Seuss's Sneeches, with stars upon thars); as follows: ** k2 together, k to with in 2 sts of marker, slip slip knit; slip marker, k1, slip marker**, repeat between **'s 4 more times. K 2 rows, repeat Dec row, twice. K1 dec row, k1 row stockinet until 10 sts remain. Now I like the I cord for my thingies to be just 3 sts, and I just wanted 3 on this hat, so I knit 2 together and then k 2 (for 3 sts on needle) and launched into the first thingy. Make 2 more I cords with the remaining 6 sts. On this wee hat the I cords are about 1.5" long. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

After you make one why not make one to give away? Save the Children has an Action Kit which will tell you how. While you're in the true mood of the season, visit The Scent of Green Bananas, one of my favorite food blogs and follow the links for Menu For Hope.


Gina said...

The invasion of the Thingies is nearly as frightening as the invasion of middle-aged frump. Actually, one could cure the other.

Anonymous said...

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mary jane said...

Yes Gina, I reluctantly agree, who knew I was a...frump...okey dokey, 6 Shrek hats coming up!

And see that spam! Got to get that bothersome "svYDclu" thingy up.

Petula Darling said...

Very cute!
I wonder if the thingies do anything to help with reception. You know, like listening in on cell phone calls, commuicating with aliens, or gleaning a few more digits of pi from the cosmos...
hmmmm....I might need one.

(I think Gina was saying they were the antifrump. Like if someone was suffering from The Frump, the Thingies would be the antidote.)

mary jane said...

I think thingies do communicate with aliens. And they have de-frumped me into actually deigning to knit a Shrek Hat...though I still have to quell a shudder...I love shrek but...oh no! thingies take me away!

Anonymous said...

by chance, did you ever design a Shrek hat? my sister is having a baby any day now, and loves Shrek! her baby room is painted green, and she even went out and bought Shrek puzzles to decorate the walls (as she couldn't find actual baby things)! i would love to make my new nephew a knit hat with Shrek ears, but i admit that i just don't know how to go about it! so if you did design one, would you mind sharing the pattern? please!! ;)
thanks, holly