Monday, February 11, 2008

Cassoulet-Off IV

Still in Recovery!
Read Petula's wrap-up here.
The 4 time winner, tells all here.


magnusmog said...

That sounded like great fun - snazzy photo too :)

Prunila said...

Hola MJ, I like to visit you here because it's always a surprise, an unsuspected party, paintings, sales, pictures, color, your work, ... I never know what will be next!!! Your world is really fun to view.
I have to check if you did right the cassoulet now LOL

Petula Darling said...

Thanks for hosting such a fabulous fete! We had a great time.
I hope the recovery is going well.

Mary Jane said...

Wish you could have jetted over for the fun magnusmog! Petula, it was fun wasn't it? And finally Prunila, some of the beans were close to authentic (we had real French people in attendance) but no one used the proper earthenware vessel, the cassole...maybe next year. And you know, some say it is originally a Spanish recipe!

sophia said...

MOM. I'm eagerly anticipating some PHOTOS of the feast. Get on it already.


The Kilted Cook said...

Sophia I added a TON of leeks to my cassoulet as a Homage to you and your moms vegan cassoulet was outstanding wish you could have been there hope you had fun in NYC