Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh No!


Oh dear. Don't tell me she's at it again...taking pictures while driving.

I just wanted to show you where some of my color choices come from.

See those oak leaves?

How about how red the twigs are?

Also notice the dark green, nearly black that matches the fir trees.

Agreed the pictures are a little out of focus. What can I say? I was late for work.

The yarn? Jamieson and Smith, 2 ply jumper weight of course...can't have too much of it. And they're having a sale ! Live nearby and need a fix quick, no patience for overseas shipping? Happily Unique One is having a sale too!


Kri Kri said...

Its phenomenal, really, what strong impressions the subtlest and seemingly inocuous things can make on ones brain! Sometimes it is only a fleeting glimpse, that once revisited, is not so impressive. The important thing is to have acknowledged that first impression!

misa said...

I'm delurking here to say that I love your photos and your blog and I've tagged you with the you make my day award.

Mary Jane said...

Oh kri! so well spoken. and misa, i am so flattered!

a friend to knit with said...

ha! i love it!
and yes. kiri said it SO well!

misa said...

How cool to get a comment back from a blogger/knitter goddess! I guess the tagging thing does work. Thank you for your sweet comments about
my knitting. I think the subtext of the slow living article is really about marketing yourself and your idea and lifestyle. I agree with you that many people have been doing it for a long time and just didn't have a label attached to it.

misa said...

Thanks for that link to the article about Craft (, great reading and brings up lots of questions. I think anti-commercialism is noble but being paid for what you love to do is an ideal as well. I would love to whip off cute, easy to make items and sell them online, but it's not in my makeup. Each project needs to be a challenge, something new. So please keep doing what you're doing, but I certainly wouldn't fault you if you found a way to be better compensated for it. Keep crafting!