Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter White Thursday

The winter white of a yarn shop dear to my heart.
Unique One, Camden, Maine.
Been there 30 years, at least.
Sweet curvy building, once a plumbing or hardware store, the peg-board is still on the walls.
Nicest yarn ladies ever.
No really.
Loads of Shetland wool too.
Visit, I'll join you.
Beth, the owner has a knitting cruise on a schooner in the summer, and offers knitting weekends in March. I'm teaching a tam-design class this winter.

Some little birdies told me the Interweave Knits Spring Preview is up. I am delighted with the picture of my Peasant Blouse. I'm always a little fearful of the first look...but no worries this time. My inspiration was the traditional peasant blouse which required little cutting and no waste of precious cloth. The excellent book Cut My Cote by Dorothy K. Burnham includes a great example, as well as other traditional garments in which a key element of design, is the width of the loom used to weave the cloth.

And "hello" to all the Winter White visitors, thanks for visiting!

PS:The Interweave link is broken now...if any one knows how to find it again, please tell!


Eliza said...

I love this photo, such a familiar view to me but I've never seen it in the winter.

Strangely, I've never been to Unique One. I know the store, but somehow it never occurred to me that they sold wool. I guess I'll be checking it out next summer!

I love your sweater in the new IK! It's so unique and looks very flattering and cute!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your IK sweater! It's one of my favorites of the whole issue. :)

Gina said...

I cannot wait to add the peasant blouse to my Ravelry queue! Gorgeous.

j said...

Your peasant blouse is great- pretty and stylish.

I'm enjoying your "white" photos.

When I first came to visit your blog, I was drawn by your photography- and all the wonderful color. You handle white just as skillfully. As you say you were leaning that way anyway (well, winter in Maine, what's a girl to do?) but I'm glad you joined in, because it a treat to see a photo from you every day.

kat coyle said...

the shop looks so inviting. i wish i was close enough to visit. i love your peasant blouse sweater. my greatgrandmother started a business sewing peasant blouses in the 1940's.

Di said...

what a great picture - winter white and a yarn store to boot!! Must visit Camden next time I'm in New England!!

Eunice said...

as a knitter, i love the idea of a yarn shop as part of winter whites. and the fact that it has been there for at least 30

the IK link seems to be down for now, but congratulations on having your pattern published!

Amber said...

Mary Jane---I couldn't pull up the IK preview but from the name of your pattern alone, I know I'll LOVE IT! (I seem to love anything peasant-ish)...

This photo intrigued me the very first time I saw it (was it on Flickr?). At the time, I didn't realize it had been a yarn shop for so long. Your brief description reminds me of the very first time I visited a yarn shop (a knitting neophyte then) and the intrigue of the yarn shop and the elderly woman who was so helpful and kind while choosing the appropriate pattern and yarn for me... Very sweet memories.

And, lastly, I am so excited to send you one of my bags from my shop! Thank you so much... -Amber

eb said...

what a beautiful little shop - time to take up knitting!

xox - eb.

Kri Kri said...

What a sweet blouse! I love seeing your work published!