Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Olive Plan

olive slice

What started out as a Valentine for my beloved, has progressed to something bigger and better for the whole beloved world. Miss Em-En from I Like Lemons, has created the best project of the new year using my knitted olive pattern. In her words:

I intend to knit at least one olive every week this year. Why olives? Well, olive trees/branches/fruit symbolize peace, prosperity and love ("olive you"). By the end of the year I should have a jar full goodness. Ok, ok. So I also need to use up some yarn, but with each olive I knit I'll be reminded of the things I wish for myself and the people I care about.
I think some black olives will be knit to represent naughty and mischievous wishes. The giant olives will be for the most important and biggest wishes.

What a wonderful, thought provoking idea. Visit her blog to see the giant olive she's developed and the chubby jar she intends to collect the peace olives in; there are even more olives on her flickr page, where she reveals:

While knitting the black one this week, I was trying to think of a particular person, but ended up craving olive and mushroom pizza instead.

If I can find the right shade of reddish-purple yarn, I might try to make some kalamatas too. :)

Oh happy day! I love it when things like this happen. For me, there is no greater gift, than the validation of one's own work by someone who has given it wings, to take off in a new direction. Oh happy blogesphere!


Eliza said...

That's really a fun, wonderful idea! And I like that each of her olives will be different, representing something special for her. Congratulations on being the inspiration!

Gudrun Johnston said...

That's so cool...a jar full of knitted olives....it'll be fun to watch it grow!

Berlinswhimsy said...

I want to make these, too! They're on my list.

I, too, love it when I read that someone else has "given wings" to one of my ideas or projects. Fun!

Di said...

I love the knitted olives and the Olive Plan for 2008! They look really cool!

Em-En said...

Awww, Mary Jane! I am so happy, the Olive Plan make *you* happy. :)

cseneque said...

That's awesome!
I've nominated you for the You Make My Day award, since you really do.

Jen said...

That olive jar is a wonderful idea!
BTW, just saw your peasant blouse on the IK Spring preview ~ stunning!

Angelina said...

Those olives are wonderful! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love Amber's blog too.

Are some of those olives felted, or are they all knitted?

Connie said...

That is wonderful when something you create inspires someone else to run with an idea. Your olives are very cute and I can't wait to see her jar of olives :)

mary jane said...

Thanks you guys. I love what she's done. Angelina some are felted, but those made with superwash ( like babyull) don't really felt well.

emma said...

What a cute idea! How sweet! I wish I could eat them they look yummy.