Saturday, October 04, 2008

First Colorwork Project?

This past summer was a busy one. The high point was most certainly a visit from my sister and brother-in-law from San Francisco, who added so much happiness and fun to our home.

Through them I met a new friend who was attending the highly regarded Maine Media Workshops, learning from one of the most revered portrait photographers of our time. But wouldn't you know, she was smitten with knitting while visiting our house! So when she returned home to London, and everyone asked "how was your portrait class" she said "oh fine, but Look At My Knitting!"

She was ready and eager to tackle color work and had no qualms about double pointed needles, in fact the thrill of it all encouraged her.
She thoroughly enjoyed mastering them, reveling in the joy and wonder of it all! Really 5 needles! She reminds me of myself. When I taught myself to knit I knew NO ONE else who did...Its hard to share the thrill of 5 needles with the un-knowing.

Fearless, she took on the Nederland Opera Mitts as her first project. So in answer to those of you who've asked....YES...if you want to, Nederland Opera Mitts can be your first project, it may be a little challenging learning double points and carrying color at the same time but if you want to, Go For It.

Julie used Frog Tree Merino for her mitts
Free Pattern Here and on Ravelry
The pattern calls for Classic Elite Princess.
Julie's colorway would be cute for the Nederland Vest too.


Connie said...

Hi Mary Jane, thanks for checking out my blog - I am planning to do my Opera mitts on two circulars probably - I don't really like dpns.

Anonymous said...

I just found out that my twins' teacher is teaching the students in her class to knit and she's going to be starting a parents group after school soon. I am so excited about it!!
I adore your knitting.

j said...

Your designs, the way you put together colors, are inspiring.

My problem with knitting is just this: I worry too much about the mistakes I make.