Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vintage Fair Isle

I love these people. I want to sit right down and have tea with them. Such a jolly time and such nice big cups too. Can you spot the fair isle? The vest on the right. I'll be wearing a matching one, and my socks will be fair isle too.

Now where are they, on a houseboat?


bridget said...

I wondered the same thing, MJ, when my eye caught the arched overhead when I first looked at the photo... It definatley must be a boat of some sort- note the round ports on either side. And the height of the windows behind them are at perfect deck height if it has much depth in the water.

Between the fabric of the curtains and peoples clothing, it looks to be of the same era as our boat... 1940. ...Richard thinks 1950s... he could be right.

GREAT photo!!! I particularly like the the woman with the head scarf in the middle... but where is the third happy man?

Mary Jane said...

He's pouring tea, you can only see his hand.

bridget said...

Ha! You are right now that I look at it more closely . I had first seen the tea pourer as the woman on the left. But the tea pot is too far in the foreground.

Now that I look more closely at the two women at the back, they MUst be sisters! They have the same smile!

Cactusneedles said...

My guess is one of those silver luxe campers. They, too, had an arched sort of ceiling/roof. :)

Aunt Kirstie said...

It looks like a camper to me also.

They are having so much fun I want to be there with them. Don't you just love old photos?

Hi MJ! I would love to get together this fall for lunch. We must make a date. Kristin

Mary Jane said...

Cactusneedles and Auntie Kirstie, I thought "caravan" too...but my brother lives on a houseboat, and this also looks like those barges in the canals in England and France. I always like to think of people floating.

a friend to knit with said...

i love those people too! oh my gosh. they just make me smile.

have fun fairisling!!! :)

j said...

Houseboat or Tinker's wagon. But yes, let's say houseboat- I like to think of people floating, too. Floating and having a cuppa. Cat on the window ledge, dog under the table. There you go!