Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fabulous Fair Isle

I can hardly stand how much I love this wild fair isle dress! What about those sleeves? How about that scoopy neckline with a turtle neck on top? Maybe it's a turtle neck dress with a vest over it, I love it just the same. And the girl wearing it...I love her too.

Imagine you were born in the Shetland Islands.

Imagine Jamison's was just a skip down the block
Imagine that the designer of this fabulous garment was your mother!

It's all true for Gudrun Johnson, the talented designer and hostess of The Sheland Trader blog. She's back home for a long visit, lucky girl.

Some day I'll make the trip myself. My first question will be....which pattern is called "creepies" and next, which is "mices teeth"? I can't even recall where I read about these but I've been dying to know for a good 10 years now.

As many of you know fair isle knitting is my favorite thing. I simply find endless fun in mixing colors in a rhythmic way. I love the cleverness of making a few colors look like many, however I also find it satisfying to be able to include a billion colors in a single piece... This obsession always allows me a valid excuse to buy "just one ball".

So visit Gudrun, she's posted some enticing photographs of her home, which includes a beautiful woodstove (or peat burning stove?) and a huge vintage photograph of a fair-isle sweater being "dressed", I wonder if it is the same one that has fish drying in it...Also, be sure and read the nice interview with her at Knitting on the Net.

Review Susette's Fair Isle entry in her Knitted Abecedarium, (but don't stop there, she's up to letter Q).

For a little technical advice, breeze over and peruse Kathy's compilation of Fair Isle Knitting Tips and check out her links.

Scared to Steek? Eunny will make you brave.

Thinking of taking the trip to Shetland? Read the local paper and visit Fair Isle's Website


Craft Punk said...

That dress is awesome! Love it.

Gudrun Johnston said...

It is an entire dress with a faux fair-isle vest worked into the bodice.....and yes a peat burning stove (with wood tops ups when my Dad finds driftwood on the beaches)!.....and guess what? I'm off to attend a fair-isle knitting class tomorrow!....and I'm determined to master the knitting belt thing (or attempt to knit with it)!
Thanks for all the lovely things you said in this post.....
lots of gales, rain, fair-isle knitting and sheep from Shetland

Mary Jane said...

Thanks craft punk and thanks Gudrun for filling in the mysteries of the dress. I love reading about your home.