Wednesday, September 24, 2008

But Will it Itch?

An important question for those who fear wool. I've got a picture here ( ...well, as my favorite radio station is what is in focus, we'll call it yarn bokeh,...)
of what I do if I simply have no time to knit a proper swatch....Wrap the yarn around your, or the intended recipients wrist and wear it for a while.

I can state categorically that the exquisite Sunday Knits yarn do not itch one iota...divine. Can't wait to actually knit with them.

Order your color card today and be prepared to swoon.


Eliza said...

Thanks for the bokeh and yarn links! I never knew that bokeh had a word (or that the style did, I suppose) and the yarn looks tempting. I just need a project for it...

magnusmog said...

that's a good idea - I'd heard that some people put a little bit of yarn on a necklace and wear it to check for itch.

Me, if it's too itchy I'll just felt it into something that doesn't need to be worn :)

Gina said...

Clever girl!