Monday, February 19, 2007

Hanging Cassoulet Chads?

The Third Annual Cassoulet-Off was a grand success! Happy bean-eaters congregated for a mid winter feast with enough duck fat to keep us warm for 2 winters. This year included four entrants for the coveted prize of Cassoulet King or Queen as the case may be.

Except, Houston, we have a problem...I mean, Toulouse, we have a problem. With the specter of the Florida elections winking in the background, this year's judging proved to be a little more difficult than in years past. Our favorite, no nonsense judging organizer was unable to attend, busy reigning at another event. We were left floundering when it came to the tally. Winners were announced: #1 King of Cassoulet, The Mighty Kilted One. #2 The Matriarch. #3 Forever Young. #4 Minkie Sue!

I promised to count the "catagories" results and post them here...However...since I was an entrant and am also married to another entrant, I feel I must bow out. Besides, if you take a gander at the ballots below, your head will swim too!

Next year's 4th Annual Cassoulet-Off will be February 9th. Plenty of time to get your ingredients together and make your duck confit...Maybe we'll have some in the style of Carcassonne with mutton and partridge...Or actually have the proper vessel from Castelnaudary. This announcement even gives those "from away" time to make their plane reservations!


Gina said...

I am reading between the lines, and I most distinctly see "Gina, will you please come to be a Cassoulet judge next year?"
It would be near impossible to refuse such an invitation.

mary jane said...

You are so smart! That's just what I said!

mary jane said...

Re-reading the post I realize I neglected to properly announce the winners. Duh...I am afraid to mess with the actual post because I had...issues...and Petula had to do it for me. So until I get to the school computer here goes: #1 King of Cassoulet, The Mighty Kilted One. #2 The Matriarch. #3 Forever Young. #4 Minkie Sue!

Petula Darling said...

I want to add that all the entries were amazing, and it was really hard to choose. In fact, the Darling household was quite divided over who should be crowned the winner.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! I LUV cassoulet, having lived in Montpellier, close to the originating region...
Your ballot looks thoroughly confusing - no wonder you had difficulties! ;)

-Jennifer of

Anonymous said...

Hello MJ,

the "Cassoulet-Off '07" was a blast! As always I left with a warm and fuzzy feeling - I think it was all that duck & goose fat! Can't wait until next year, and I'm actually thinking about making a cassoulet for next year's competition! thinking - is the key word hear.


p.s. Ms. Lulu loves her mittens! Thank you! Thank you!

mary jane said...

Right on Julia! You MUST make one. We can go on a goose fat run to Montreal together!