Wednesday, May 02, 2007


notre dame du bois, originally uploaded by maryjanemidgemink.

Not really, this is Notre Dame du Bois, one of my favorite little towns in eastern Quebec Province. It is the beginning of the "endless road". When you reach the vanishing point, there is another equally long stretch ahead, and then again!

But, hello! I'm in Seattle, at my mom's! She lives in the sweetest little cottage in Ballard, purposly overgrown with bountiful flowering bushes and trees. She renovated her tiny dirt celler, into an adorable little "hobbit house" that actually resembles Greek houses! This is where I am staying. I'm dying to post pictures but don't quite know how yet...on her ancient computer. So thank goodness for flickr, besides I promised some pictures of Canada.

Hey! Do any Seattleites know of a fun knitting circle? I'm going to visit Jennhx's favorite coffee shop at the Canal. Any other ideas would be welcome, it's been ages since I was home.


Daphne said...

Welcome home! I'm also in Ballard. Our knitting nights have been a little unpredictable it seems. The one that apparently used to be every Wednesday at Cupcake Royale on Market seems quite sporadic; Kat posted about knitting at a bookstore on 5/16 (it's monthly: here's her post and she attends a knit night on Capitol Hill weekly, I believe. I'm pretty sure there's one early in the week on Queen Anne at the Diablo Espresso (and you can stop in at Hilltop Yarn on your way there... forgive the plug, but I feel obliged to add it). I'm out of town the next two weekends but let me know if you're going to any knit nights and I'll see if I can make it and meet you! dadair at gmail dot com

Mary Jane said...

ooh thanks daphne! I kept thinking today was Tuesday so I missed the Capitol Hill one. Maybe I'll try for Diablo espresso. I'll call them and let you know,K?

Gina said...

Oh you are making me miss Seattle! I lived there for one year, and I left before Ballard become hot and funky real estate. Have fun!

Mary Jane said...

Gina! Woman of the world! of course you lived here!