Tuesday, May 15, 2007

She What?

She blogs.

Nah, she doesn't blog...who 're you kidding. Last I heard was she went to Seattle, to see her folks or something. There was some nonsense about dial up connections and incompatible photo programs...How can she be a blogger if she can't even travel and do those simple things? Sheesh!

Yeah you're right. But I did hear she found a cool Japanese store where everything is $1.50, all the coolest stuff from Uwajimaya's housewares section only more and way better.

Oh yeah? Daiso?

To die for!


Gina said...

God I loved Uwajimaya! I really miss Seattle now. The Japanese packaging cannot be beat.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed you! I am too, too busy. Sigh.

Also, I want to tell you your blog name always reminds me of Mollie and Millie and Maggie and May, the e.e. cummings poem, which is very nice and I like it a lot.

mary jane said...

Daphne, no big deal, it was a wild whirlwind, I popped into Hillside for about 5 min! That was it for yarn shops, the time flew by, never did get to a knitting group, barely had time for a latte! But mmmm it was good!