Thursday, April 17, 2008

Macro Mango

The 30 DayMacro Challenge is proving to be, well, challenging. But fun I assure you. I still don't "get" how my macro setting works exactly, except it always wants the flash, which I then disable because I hate flash. So what the challenge has done thus far, besides make me long for a proper macro lens.... which will be down the road a piece, is to keep working at it, because there are others in the group who use the same camera as I do, who acomplish what I wish I could. That is what is so great about these challenges, they help you to learn by doing.


nicole said...

Well, for macros you have to get _really_ close. Like, 1cm between lense and object. Don't use the zoom, just get really really close, focus, no flash and if you have a tripod now's the time to use it ;-)

Miss Frugality said...

These two go so well together and the colours in the mango shot are pure bliss! ....The other one is too sad - I'm thinking of the blue one left without it's companion :-(

craftivore said...

Poor broken cup, it was so pretty. Have you tried doing a broken china mosaic? Mango bum, yum.