Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pink + White

I'm having a little fun combining my flicker groups: color+color2 and 30 Day Macro Challenge.
This week's colors are pink and white, and  this month every day is close-up day.
All are objects found around the house; Nick's poster, Sophie's lamp and a Kri Kri bowl.
It has me thinking about knitting in pink, though I usually don't like it,


Allie said...

With you on the pink, I'm not keen. Unfortunately, you have to put up with an avalanche of it when you have a new baby daughter! What about having bits of pink in something (a jumper, say, with little rosebuds) or going for a much darker pink (verging on purple) which is much less 'pretty pretty'?

cd&m said...

I find it hard to resist pink!