Saturday, June 28, 2008

Look Who Came to Town!


William Wegman and three of his Weimaraners, Penny, Candy and Bobbin (he's the daddy).... were in Rockport today for a day-long event, all Wegman all the time. I went to the morning show with 2 friends, one of whom is seven, to see two films, Alphabet Soup and Fay's Twelve Days of Christmas, while the dogs roamed the opera house sniffing out stray fallen popcorn.

Low key Bill, talked a bit about his work and when asked , explained that working with dogs as movie stars, has taught him to avoid really getting mad or exasperated, because the dogs will think he's mad at them, which affects their performance. The other key element is to design the production around the personalities of the dogs themselves, feature them in a role they would like and feel comfortable doing.... both lessons we might all do well to include in our daily lives, go with the flow and be comfortable.

From a knitters point of view, Fay's Twelve Days of Christmas, is a must see. It feature sweaters prominently, at least one of them hand knitted and many of them irresistibly awful examples of the horrifying Christmas genre. Pictured below are Crooky and Batty. Check out Crooky's mittens, and is Batty's sweater handknit with Maine Wool?

You can see a video from today's NY Times, with Mr. Wegman himself describing his work, being shown in a retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum.

William Wegman
Today in Rockport, Bobbin, Penny and Candy and Bill of course.


magnusmog said...

I love this - why have I never heard of it before?!

Petula Darling said...

How fun! I wish I had gone.
I never thought I'd say this about anyone, but those models could really do with some shoulder pads.

Anonymous said...

Oh jealous!

I love Wegman and Weimaraners! I first found him on Sesame Street, it's been a life-long affair!

craftivore said...

How cool is that?! Of course you noticed their sweaters. I wonder how many Weimeraners Wegman has had to date.