Friday, June 13, 2008


I pulled three from the hat! (Drumroll)

christina of phila*craft
alison of in a nutshell
gudrun of shetland trader

I was never good at exclusivity, so Jen at Crafty Ninja and Kyle from the seven year sock will get consolation prizes!

Kindly email me your contact info and let the 365 day countdown begin!
Don't forget to follow the directions in the previous post, for Pay It Forward.


Gudrun Johnston said...

Yay...very excited!

Allison Fouse said...

Woo! Okay, I will be posting about this NEXT week. =) Thanks!

Ravenhill said...

congratulations to the winners!

Kyle said...

Fun, thanks! I'm very excited :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you're so sweet!