Monday, May 25, 2009


My friend Vicky and I traveled south to Brunswick Maine, to catch the lovely Ysolda Teauge
at the fantastic Purl Diva. I'd never been to the shop before, I can't really believe it myself. And though Vicky and I had a near-death experience turning left against Memorial Day traffic, I'd do it again!

Purl Diva is a dream of a yarn shop housed in a white Victorian with a wide porch, and ample comfortable seating inside.

Gracious and cheerful shop owner Ellen, the Purl Diva, put out a great spread of Scottish treats for Ysolda and her ever expanding group of admirers. There was shortbread, crustless cucumber finger sandwiches, scones and of course tea. Patient Ysolda, answered our many often repetative questions and told tales from her American Adventure.

The Yarn! The books! The needles! Vicky and I were happy to see our once imaginary and now flesh and blood friend Melissa aka loose ends. We munched goodies and got a tour of the shop which includes her yarns and roving.

Vicky succumbed to yarn, and I to Ysolda's cute self-published book.

Thanks Ellen and Ysolda! A fun event in such a great store. Purl Diva is homey, fresh with a welcoming winning, attitude, a reason to take slow Route One south from now on.


magnusmog said...

I'd love to meet Ysolda T. She lives in Edinburgh, how hard could that be......

Gudrun Johnston said...

Sounds like a lot of fun...apart from the near death part of course!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Mary Jane! I'm so glad you made it!

Aunt Kirstie said...

I'm jealous!

Petula Darling said...

Oooo - I've been swatching to make her Coraline sweater!
She's so adorable that hearing her accent might put me over the edge.

Lolly said...

oh my! near-death! glad you are okay :)

Ysolda is very kind. I met her earlier this month and it was a pleasure.