Monday, May 18, 2009

Straw Curves and Spirals

Lake Titicaca Boat Prow


Inspiration Everywhere and Anywhere.
A boat prow by Lake Titicaca Boatbuilders in Peru, and our tabletop at the Ethiopian Restaurant on 9th Street.

I found a Chullo on the boatbuilder.


craftivore said...

Quite a vicious looking critter. I mean the prow, not the boatbuilder. Chullos always look so warm, but what do they do about hat head?

Mary Jane said...

Chullos actually hide pointed heads, the skulls of the wearers slowly grow upwards and the skull hardens into a point. This is a little alarming without a hat, so since they never take them off, hat-head isn't a problem.

magnusmog said...

Really? Pointy skulls? Yikes!

Mary Jane said...

Yes! You must take care when you wear one, that you don't keep it on too long least your skull begin to raise skyward and narrow like a pencil!