Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Weekend of Awesome

OK! The Summit of Awesome kicked ass! I know usually write with a little more decorum, but geeze-um, it was just such a great experience. Everyone was open and friendly and all about sharing information. I attended two lectures and a needle-felting workshop (follow this link and you can see me to the right of Charmaine who's wearing a yellow sweater). We got Swag! Sweet Summit of Awesome silk-screened cotton bags loaded with goodies, great inspiration for advertising, product ideas, and the spreading of good cheer.

The Maryland Sheep and Wool festival was a little overwhelming, like a county fair only all about sheep and no rides. I was looking forward to the Ravelry meet-up , which was packed, teeming with ravelers awaiting the Bob-Crew-Rock-Stars! Talented beautiful Ysolda Teague was also in attendance. A quick "hi" was all I could muster, before I had to flee...the excitement was killing me...crazy, but I get shy and in the woods for so long, I don't do well in mob-scenes!
My afternoon class with Sally Melville was great. I swear this woman could teach a class in Tying Your Shoes and you would come out with a new appreciation of the process and some new clever tying trick you never thought of. The trick I learned was knitting backwards. I know I could have figured it out on my own, but with lightning quick direction from Sally, I was on my way!

Much more to will be drifting out in future posts...only a week left in DC...and so much still left to do!


Gudrun Johnston said...

Looks like an Awesome weekend indeed! I get a bit overwhelmed in crowded star studded situations too!

craftivore said...

How could something call the Summit of Awesome be anything but? Is MDSW more crowded than Rhinebeck?

Petula Darling said...

You're not missing much here, although spring is more sprung than it usually is by May 8th.
Maine needs our MJ back!

Eliza said...

That sounds AWESOME! I felt the same way at Rhinebeck: Overwhelmed. I went to the Ravelry meet up for like 5 minutes and than ran off into a barn of wool. I just couldn't deal with all the pressure! :)

Irina said...

I've just discovered I knitted a tam designed by you! I'm knitting sweetheart socks from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts'07 at the moment and there is the tam in that mag issue I knitted last year, so I looked at the designer's name and it's you! I actually bought the magazine because of the tam on the front cover.
I love the tam, but I didn't follow the colors, just used what I had left over from my other projects, kind of crazy colors :-)
Here is the link of my Raverly page. it's on the right in the front row.
Hong Kong