Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let's Get to Work

Tangerine time at a year of color. My first week. Time for a list of new ideas and challenges for the new year. As is usual here at Chez Mink the service is wonky so I'll include the list soon. Cheers!

Later that day...

1. Bake 52 loaves of bread
2. Draw everyday
3. Swatch everyday
4. Join A Year of Color
5. Learn to do website
6. Don't freak out about money
7. Sing a song everyday
8. Give back


Anonymous said...

I love your list. Good luck!

Would you be my friend? I'd like to link to you.


mary jane said...

Yes indeed Tracy. And I'll need the luck, thanks.

jungle dream pagoda said...

This is a lovely list! I have # 7 covered in spades!
Oh.and I used to have my Barbies face each other when I closed them up in their case, so they could "talk" to each other.

Gina said...

What a great list! It seems so simple, and yet, there is so much lurking in there. I am inspired.

mary jane said...

Thanks Gina and JDP, I had to keep it pretty easy, but even easy can be hard! I'm doing fine 2 days in. My family is a little unnerved by my belting out the show tunes, I usually just sing to the dog.

Petula Darling said...

Excellent list!
I like your tangerine photo too. This is the first I've heard about A Year of Color.
For adding entertainment value to your song-a-day, I highly recommend changing the lyrics of the songs you'll be singing to make them all about Mary Jane. It's a whole genre of music called Narcissism Rock, developed years ago with some old friends.
examples: The Beatles You Want to Hold My Hand, The Police Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic, Steve Miller's The Joker: "You really love my peaches, want to shake my tree..."
And, of course, any time you can insert your actual name into the song is a total jackpot.