Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tagged Weird!

And not for the first time have I been called weird. Miss Petula Darling tagged me.

1. My last name.

2. I sing to my dog Alice, in a high-pitched voice. All daylong.

3. My best athletic skill is “rolling the log” and it’s not what you think. The beach club where I grew up in Seattle, has a big log covered with sailcloth that’s laced on. "The Log" is tied on each end, to an L shaped dock where it floats enticingly, calling you to swim over and try to get up on it, no easy task for a novice. Once up, try and stay there! If you’ve gotten this far you take a few steps to start it rolling. When you get good, and there are a lot of people on it at once, it really flies! Dangerous! Well you can get skinned shins and bruised legs when you fall. When it spins really fast and long in one direction, the ropes spin tight, then suddenly reverse direction.(spinners will understand this) You have to jump up and turn 180 mid-air and keep running! I could stay on “till dry” which is the sign of a good log roller. Hours, I spent up there. I wonder if they still have it. I couldn’t find any pictures of it. It is probably considered too hazardous for family fun these days.

4. My left elbow bends backwards.

5. My family and I lived in 2 Airstream Trailers for 9 months…in Maine. We all moved into one when it got really cold, we moved out New Years Day.

6. I go-go danced in a weird band.

I tag Miss Frugality and Alison, who have probably been tagged already.


Miss Frugality said...

Number three sounds soooo dangerous!I'm going to have to think about this one........Obviously I can't let the really wierd stuff out of the bag!
Oh ! thanks for the link :-)

Gina said...

Henceforth, you are Saint MJM! You must expand on the go-go dancing. You must.

Petula said...

Did you play an instrument in the band, or were you all about shakin' the booty rather than the maracas?
I'm going to need to see the elbow trick.

Mary Jane said...

"rolling the log" is the most fun ever! It is only really dangerous when you're slathered in suntan lotion... I knew I shouldn't have revealed the go-go episodes!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Your so cool!! I want an Airstream so much! The hub and I have a deal,if he ever gets a pool,I get an Airstream as the pool house,so my visiting artist freinds can stay there.

Alison said...

Hi Mary Jane. My emails to you keep getting sent back for some reason. Hmmm...
The Airstream Trailer is SOOO cool!