Sunday, June 17, 2007

At Home

It's so nice to be at home, if only for fleeting moments.

Happy Father's Day!

This is my picture for Asparagus Green.


Anina said...

Just lovely!

magnusmog said...

Mary Jane you are a terrible temptress - I saw the boooks in the
background, remembered I wanted to know more about Gee's Bend. Next thing I knew there was an order confirmation from Amazon in my inbox :)

and I forgot Fathers Day!

Gina said...

Very hip and very pretty. How do you manage to find all of these wonderful things? Where do you store them? Perhaps you have forced the entire family to share one closet so that you may house great yarn, knitted items, crockery, etc.?

jennhx said...

Lovely photo, Mary Jane! Yes, it's nice to be home sometimes, isn't it?!
After a month of traveling here and there visiting various family members, I'm so glad to be home again!