Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'll Try

The holiday season has begun. What to do?


Anina said...

I'm with you.

magnusmog said...

Me too, we are having a present free Christmas, my parents are going away for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, all three step children have their own plans and we are going to stay at home. I forsee good food and wine, some reading and some spinning with a litte kntting thrown in .

Eliza said...

Why is it so hard to simplify? There are so many family obligations and expectations, and hurt feelings if we don't see everyone.

What will you do with those lemons? (Is that "How to Cook Everything?")

Kathy said...

Oh, I love this idea! Thank you Mary Jane! We love simplicity at Christmas time, its the best way to capture the spirit of the season, isn't it?! Are those home grown lemons on the table? They are beautiful next to the candle light. I wanted to tell you, I found a nice little book called Indigo Knits that I thought you might enjoy since I know you love the ocean from your photos this summer.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if the snowflake Christmas stocking (it has 'Sophie' on it) is one of your own patterns or do you know the source? Thank you for this information, Cassandra
p.s. I am starting to work up your gorgeous 'December lights tam'!

Mary Jane said...

anon. I hope you get this, the Christmas stockings are a pattern I made up. The kids each chose an all-over pattern from the beginning of the book "knitting in the nordic tradition" by vibeke lind. You could find similar ones elsewhere. I did sophie's first, and used 3 repeats I recall. which made a gi-nourmous stocking. I blogged a little bit about it on my post "11th hour christmas".Have fun with the tam!