Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Summer Seven

This was in the mail! An invitation to an art opening.

"We'll go!" I think.

After all, we're in the painting. I'm talking to Ada, second from the left and my husband in the Green Acres overalls stands next to me. Vincent, is wearing black jeans. I'm not sure of the others, I don't think we even met them. This was back in 1993. It was a really hot summer. The BBC filmed us for some show called Beauty, which we never saw.

A chance to see this giant canvas (7.5' x 12') [230 x 370] would be fun, so lets go! We don't want to miss this opportunity. With an invitation from the artist, Alex Katz, himself!

Except it is in Milan. Italy. Oh well. The show is up until February. But we'll miss the party.


Eliza said...

ah! We must know the same people! Various of my parents' friends have been in some his paintings, and there's a funny video my dad took in the mid-80s of Alex Katz in his then new studio.

Very, very cool. How did you find your way into his painting?

Mary Jane said...

He's a neighbor of my husband's family, and so we're friends that way. My mother-in-law lives on the corner of Slab City Road. Alex has painted us a few times, and he paints Erik's sister a lot.

Prunila said...

Wow! That a funny post!
What you mean by "your husband"? Are you the blod in that film??? NOOO!
In case you plan to visit Bcn also let me know :-)))

Mary Jane said...

I would love to visit Barcelona! I don't think we'll even get to leave Maine. But there is always wishful thinking!

Jan said...

What a thrill!