Monday, November 12, 2007


A lot of people were wondering what to make out of the leftovers from their December Lights Tam, including me. The answer was right in front of us! On the page just next to the tam, are Donna Kay's demure Little Gems Mitts, in a soft grey patterned with heathered juju-bee colors. (I know, can juju-bees be heathered?) The unfortunate reality of a cold office and a need to please, drove me to whip up this wild little number. It hardly looks the same! Shocking really. Trés 80's! Very Fiorucci! Klimt gone mad.

What I did: I have small hands, so after the ribbing I only increased 4 sts to make 60 sts, therefore eliminating 1 pattern repeat.
Color substitutes:
Granite= Magenta
Clyde Blue=Blue
Sapphire=Blue too!
SPECIAL NOTE! I used Red as the background for the blue rounds, ie the plain rounds before and after the pattern rows. I also used Red for the thumb, and sort of wish I'd used it for the fingers.

Hmmmm....since I decreased the total stitches I had to change the fingers....for the pinky I used 6 sts, picking up 2 between fingers, ring 7 sts, picking up 3 between fingers, middle 8 sts, picking up 2 sts between fingers, index 9 sts, picking up 1 sts between fingers.

Now I just have to make the other one. My hands have been so cold, I think I'll start tonight. I believe I should have plenty of yarn.


kat coyle said...

love how the tape measure and calculator accent your knitting colors...

Kri Kri said...

love, love seeing your projects and inspirations!!
You inspire me!
And now I have seen you in the Alex Katz painting! What could be more exciting!