Monday, November 27, 2006

Eleventh Hour Mittens

Whew, did the holiday whirl you into a different world? Ours was travel and storms and food and fun and fear and angst and exhaustion and surprises and happiness. And more food! I squeezed in what little knitting I could, working on these mittens which can be put down and picked up again without much fuss. I use 2 strands of yarn from my stash held together to produce a bulky or chunky weight. I think having one strand of mohair is the most forgiving, allowing one to race along with abandon, never worrying about even stitches. Each mitten is made the same with almost no shaping.

I always have some yarn lying around that I am at loss when it comes to using it. Lime green mohair for instance, unless I'm transported back to CBGBs in 1979 I don't think I really want to wear a garment made out of it, but it was too irresistible to let languish in the sale bin (maybe I will want to look like Cheetah Chrome sometime soon)... Then I've got odd balls of this and that, not enough to really make much of anything. These are just the materials for Eleventh Hour Mittens. You can mix it up with wonderful results, someone will love them. You don't have to worry too much about gauge, someone will fit them.
To begin, I'll give you the women’s sizes. They are easy to modify yourself after you've knit a pair. I'll try and get the child sizes up soon and also the mans pair I'm working on.


Petula Darling said...

Adorable mittens - I especially love the orangey-pink ones (yeah, I'm sure that's a shocker coming from me).
I never went to CBGBs, but the thought of wearing fuzzy mohair on one's person while visiting their legendary bathrooms is enough to give me germophobic spasms.

Mary Jane said...

I switched the picture on you Petula, blogger worked for the first time in 2 days! Yipee!

Sophia said...

what happened to the pictures of Margaux and I?? She wanted to see the picture!!!
Love and miss you

Mary Jane said...

Coming right up!