Friday, November 17, 2006

Petit Fours

My dear friend Petula mentioned that she is ever so fond of petit fours, so naturally I have to offer some for her breakfast today. Along with the Candy Tam she admires. I must admit I've used this blog thus far to practice using my camera. I'm still learning. And its really fun! Digital so I can shoot and shoot and shoot some more. I intend to include much more knitting content here so don't abandon me. I've been knitting away on "must do projects" and haven't had a lot of time to experiment lately.

I'll offer my best advice on color first: just try it! Really, its only yarn after all, you can always rip it out. Or, put it away for a little while and you might find in a week or two you love it. If you still don't like it you can felt it and turn it into stylish and stunning bootliners. Or it can linger around as an example of an absolutely loathsome color combination. Sometimes embracing the ugliness some how makes me love things just for being ugly.


Kristin said...

Hi MJ!
I was so happy to find that you now have a blog! I look forward to reading it and being inspired to knit! I need a little inspiration, I am working on a Hanne Falkenberg kit. I am at a point were my rows are about 400 stitches long and they get longer with every row! I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish just one row. Anyway, I am glad you are out in cyberspace and I will visit you often.

Petula Darling said...

That hat is so beautiful I almost want to marry it. I want it to be the last thing I see at night and the first glorious thing I see each morning.
Great job with the hat, the pictures and the blog!

Mary Jane said...

K & P, Thanks! you are so kind, and you are my inspiration, you keep me happy!

Dianne said...

Thanks to Petula for formally introducing us in her blog. The knitting patterns are wonderful & your photos certainly show where the color inspiration comes from. The photos are great. Your statement on embracing the uglies & the mistakes is wonderful philosohy & Petula been serving as my Guru. (And my life provides so many opportunities to practice.)

Mary Jane said...

Welcome Dianne! I ment to photograph some uglies today but the sun insisted I wash windows. Petula is da bomb it's true!

Deborah said...

Hi Mary Jane!

I just finished one of your designs, the Charm Wrap from KnitScene Fall/Winter 2005. I love it and sought you out to show you my finished piece. Hope you think it does your design justice. I love the lace border and have been hard pressed to take this sweater off, even to wash the dishes! Here's a link to the photo on my flickr gallery:
Thanks for your wonderful design. I love it!

Mary Jane said...

Hi Deborah, I'm so glad you like the Charm Wrap! I got to keep the sample and I wear it constantly. You did such a nice job on yours, I love the color too! Thanks for taking the time to find me.

Gina said...

I really can't stand it! You and Petula munching on pretty petit fours on lovely china... If one of you notices a stranger in town, please do call Sheriff Tupper; it is only little ole me!