Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From Where?

You might think that a photograph would be the jumping off point for my designs. I suppose it can be, but it usually works the other way around. I walk in the woods just about every day, with Alice. I soak up the colors, and the smells and sounds too. I keep it all stored inside and it guides my choices. Not consciously, just like a slow soaking in. Afterwards it's easy to see the influence of the season.

Why is it some places smell like honey? Is it a plant or a varmint? I'm thinking a hidden varmint, because the odor seems to move. Its hard to capture an odor in a piece of knitting, or a sound for that matter, but I think a little creeps in.

We visited the pond again today and saw these bright yellow sprigs emerging from the water. Sets the brain to percolate!

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