Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fair Isle ?

I am planning to give you all a simple last minute gift pattern, however the camera has gone missing. I think I know who might have it in his backpack. Which is at school.

So for variety I offer a view of this fair isle hat. Some of you may notice it's similar to Fair Isle 101
from Interweave Knits Winter 2005 issue.
I have lots of Heilo from Dale of Norway, I love it and collect it, so when faced with a gentleman who wanted to make sure his ears were warm, but wanted fair isle patterns, I came up this "foldy" hat. Many layers of warmth.

About the term fair isle knitting, I'm with Nancy Bush and the rest of the crowd who believe it should only be descriptive of the traditional 2 color knitting originating in Fair Isle, one of the isles of Shetland. Unfortunately, in the wider world it has come to mean any colorful stranded knitting. Pick up any magazine or catalog, even ones geared to knitting and you'll see the term used this way. I've resigned myself to this. I wish it could at least be refined to mean only 2 colors in a row....But I guess anything is better than the latest Urban Outfitters catalog where "fair isle" knitting is called intarsia!

Stay tuned for a free and easy pattern, perfect for the holiday rush!


Petula Darling said...

Very nice!
The model is quite dashing too - especially for a camera thief.

Anonymous said...


Mary Jane said...

Anon...you have to wonder who writes these things...you'd think they'd hire someone in the garment industy...garmento...fashionista...
someone with a clue.