Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Re-arrange the House

Yippee! The shake up in the House of Representatives inspired me to re-arrange my house.


Sophie said...

Mommy the house looks great!!!! You should put pictures of the kitchen up so that I can show my friends!!! I love and miss you!!!

Petula Darling said...

The rearranging of both houses is fabulous.
Your house is so cool that I hope we'll be seeing lots more of it.

Anonymous said...

i dream of window sills as perfect as yours.. love the darkness of them.

Mary Jane said...

Thank You anon. There's a story behind the sills. While we were building, my husband stopped dead in the progress of the house to fashion the sills out of salvaged fireslate. I was so worried about getting a roof on at that point that it seemed crazy to me to stop for the sills. He was right though. I love them too, they are so...warm and lovely.