Thursday, March 22, 2007

Color Card Joy

Don't you just love color cards? I was lucky enough to borrow this one for a few days...Allowed to select a few colors for an upcoming project...How do you choose which to use? This time I just went with impulse, I picked a bunch of blues, and then some pale almost invisible hues, and then some jolts of red and rose....but then I drifted towards the most luscious caramel colors, and one must always include some natural sheep colors...I ended up asking for the whole spectrum if possible. My fingers are crossed!
The yarn is Rauma Finullgarn which surprisingly, is Norwegian. A 2-ply wool classed as a weaving yarn. It seems to be a weight similar to my beloved Shetland jumper-weight. You can order it here.


Petula Darling said...

Are you going to tell us what the project is? It sounds rather intriguing.

mary jane said...

I can tell you, it is rather small, disc shaped and has been confused with petit-fours before!