Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Future Hat

I need to knit a soft hat in a hurry. A dear beloved friend will soon be facing the world sans hair. I turned to magknits February 'O6 and the talented Grumperina for the genius "Odessa". Not only a clever pattern but the name reminds me of comfort, wondrous "babka french toast" from Odessa in the East Village. So with memories of happy times and strength for the future, I'm making it quick in Bam Boo, by Classic Elite. A lovely and soft yarn made from, you guessed it, bamboo, It does split a bit, but no too much to bug me much, so what if it's a little imperfect, so is life.

LATER.. blogger and Fairpoint New England have conspired to make posting anything, especially pictures, nearly impossible. So I've finished and blocked the hat with my favorite hat -blocking method...over a BALLOON! Let's see if the pictures will post...