Monday, March 12, 2007

Dr. Seuss Socks

At long last some mindless fun! And for you dear readers,some knitting content. Keeping with the colors of Project Spectrum, I chose colors to match one of my favorites, The Dr.Seuss Sleep Book. Sadly my childhood copy burned up with everything else, but it is etched in my mind and I begin yawning just thinking of it! My yarn choice, which reflects the final pages, is the pleasing Lang sock yarn that has the little spools of heel&toe yarn stuffed inside, like the prize in crackerjacks. I love the turquoise and slate gray in odd combination. I cast on 56 sts on size 2 needles since I have such skinny ankles. I usually knit both socks at the same time because I hate making the 2nd one of anything...but I can't even find a whole set of matching #2's let alone 2 sets.


Miss Frugality said...

What a fab colour combination!
I've just been reading through some of your older posts I missed.Had to laugh when I read the one about procrastination-with a deadline looming!That's me too!
Love your knitting and photography!

Petula Darling said...

They're going to be adorable - those colors are great!
Have you taken to rhyming while you knit them?
I really love these stripey socks,
I would love them in a box,
I would love them on a fox,
I would love them with some lox.
Also, singing along with Dylan Hears A Who would be quite appropriate.

Mary Jane said...

What a link Petula! Thanks Miss F, As you know I belong to the mutual admiration club with you. I'll be getting me some small squares soon I hope! And your pictures! And my Dearest Petula....What rhymes with Petula anyway?

Gina said...

What fun socks! I think the color combo is most unusual and striking! I'll have to think about incorporating it into my dressing.