Friday, January 11, 2008

Handknit Socks

All you flickr. junkies already know about these socks. Not much
to say about them really. Regia left with a wee bit of silver
glitz; in the middle I am wearing little rubber shoes...c'mon, it was
sunny, it seemed so cheery...I later switched to sensible boots;
and today, it warmed up enough (January thaw) to get mud
on the floor at work.


Aunt Kirstie said...

How many pair of handknit socks do you have? I need to make more but I seem to stop at one these days! I love yours.

Gudrun Johnston said...

Love the stripey blue ones....well of course you want people to see them so to heck with the boots!
I have done very little sock knitting...actually I shamefully have a half completed pair on the needles for my husband from last winter!!...well we did move to the central valley of California where socks are not necessary for a good part of the year....however I don't like having unfinished knits so I must complete them soon!

Amber said...

Flickr junkie here... Great handknit sock action shots!;-)

alison said...

Those socks on the left - I have one of those! No doubt I will always have one because I had help turning the heel and now my help in 12 thousand miles away! At least one of my feet will always be toasty!
Happy New Year Mary Jane!

Petula Darling said...

Those striped ones make me smile whenever I see them.

Daphne said...

I was wondering about those blue snowshoeing socks. It's a super cheerful but super chilly picture!

magnusmog said...

stripey blues are my favourite :)

Eliza said...

I kept thinking of your striped socks when I went snowshoeing this weekend! They seem so perfect, esp for outdoorsy activities. And cozy, I bet!