Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ditty Bag

Well, Julia showed her's so you may as well see mine. I've provided a complete description of the contents on flickr , with notes detailing all.

My dear tools are conveniently housed in a clear half moon shaped bag which once held a cosmetics gift, long-long ago. Plastic yes, but I can see everything, which I like. I go for circles. I'm missing post-its which are usually in there, used for marking where I am on a chart.

People are most curious about the compass...I say it never hurts to know what direction you're going. The bonus? it is spot on for this years Project Spectrum: Cardinal Directions.

tone up

My friend Beth gave me this snazzy "Tone Up" box, perfect for my favorite Clover "pac man" markers.


And where would I be without my chi-chi-chi-chibi? Holding some deadly sharp pointed things and my treasured bent tapestry needle. I scorned these bent needles until Sally Melville showed the the way, and I've never looked back. They make a world of difference in seaming and other tricky sewing.


Carol said...

Such cute little ditties! I'm inspired to get myself more organized, just like you.

Eliza said...

how do you organize your bag?
I think I need one too! Too many little thingys floating around and getting lost.

magnusmog said...

Such organisation, all I have are piles of stuff and then more piles of stuff!

ADW said...

I like this post, i may have to do one of my own!

julia fc said...

it's the gluestick that has me intrigued.

the Lady said...

How old is that Chibi? I've only seen the clear ones.

Mary Jane said...

That Chibi must be five or years old.